Tusla - Ireland's Child & Family Agency

Will training be provided?

Training is compulsory for all foster carers and all applicants will be asked to complete a fostering induction course prior to approval as a foster carer.

Throughout your time as a foster carer various training courses will be offered to you and we hope you will find these courses both interesting and enjoyable.

Do I need a spare room?

Can I work and foster at the same time?

What will I know about the child before they are placed in my care?  

What if I can’t manage a child’s behaviour?

Can I choose the type of fostering I want to do, such as age group, gender, short stay or long term?  

What contact will I have with birth parents?

Can I choose the age group or gender of child I wish to foster?

What does the fostering allowance cover?

Are there any medical conditions which prevent me from fostering?

Would previous convictions prevent someone from fostering?


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