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Becoming a Foster Carer

Fostering is caring for someone else’s child in your own home, providing family life for a child or young person, who for one reason or another cannot live with his or her own parents. Foster care is only considered for children in situations where they are assessed to be at risk.

The State’s responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children whose parents fail in their duty falls to the Child and Family Agency by virtue of the Child Care Act 1991. The 1991 Act confers both a statutory power and duty upon the Child and Family Agency to protect children and promote their welfare.

The Child Care (Placement of Children in Foster Care) Regulations 1995 require that a Care Plan for the child is drawn up which sets out the support to be provided to the child and the foster carers and the arrangements for access to the child in foster care by parents or relatives.

The National Standards for Foster Care, 2003 have a major role to play in ensuring that foster care placements are adequately supported and that children in foster care receive the best possible care

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