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Information and Tracing Service

Please be advised we working to maintain all existing adoption services within Tusla. Our adoption offices are open between office hours, further details for your local adoption office can be found here

If you are currently waiting for an Information and Tracing Service from Tusla please do not hesitate to contact us should your personal circumstances have changed arising from the current COVID-19 emergency. 

The Child and Family Agency operates an adoption information and tracing service in various locations throughout the country.   The Agency also funds services provided by a number of adoption agencies and societies.  

Who can trace?

If you were adopted, if you are a birth parent, if you are adoptive parent or if you were raised in long term foster care you can trace birth relatives. Each individual person has their own unique reason for seeking background information and considering tracing. In the past adoption was seen as a final break between parent and child but now it is recognised as part an evolving life long process for those concerned.  There has been a dramatic increase in people seeking information or looking to trace their birth relatives.  

St Patrick's Guild Adoption Records

Tusla has identified at least 126 instances of incorrect registrations of birth between 1946 and 1969 in the records of St Patrick's Guild. - click here for further details.

Initiating Enquiry 

Click here for informaton on how to initiate an enquiry. 

Where are records held? 

Click here for information on where records are currently held and contact information. 

Adoption Information and Tracing Services 

Contact details for the Child and Family Agency's Adoption Information and Tracing Services are available here.

If you were in an alternative care arrangement 

If you were ‘boarded out’ or at nurse but never adopted, information on how to proceed is available here

Outcomes of Tracing 

Tracing enquiries can have a number of possible outcomes, further information is available here

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