Tusla - Ireland's Child & Family Agency

Seeking a declaration to adopt

Applicants, who are seeking a Declaration to Adopt, will undergo a detailed assessment. This assessment is a rigorous process. The length of assessment is dependent on circumstances and can vary accordingly and can take a minimum of 18 months.

The purpose of this assessment is to establish the applicant’/s eligibility and suitability as prospective adoptive parent/s. The assessment is carried out by a Child and Family Agency Social Worker or a social work in an accredited Agency. It includes a number of interviews and home visits. Where the application is from a married couple, a couple, who are civil partners of each other, or a cohabiting couple, there will be both individual and joint interviews. The Social Worker will discuss such areas as previous and/or current relationships, motives for adopting, expectations of the child and the ability to help a child to develop his/her knowledge and understanding of his/her birth story. All applicants are required to undergo a medical examination and Garda vetting.

If planning to adopt from abroad, the assessment will include assessing an understanding and knowledge of the child's cultural background and possible special needs.

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