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Economic and Business Review

Economic and Business Review is a refereed journal that aims to further the research and disseminate research results in the area of applied business and economic studies, especially in the area of bank and financial management, business informatics, entrepreneurship, international business, management and marketing.

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Health Economics and Outcome Research

The Health Economics & Outcome Research is an academic journal providing an opportunity to researchers and scientist to explore the advanced and latest research developments in the field of Health research, health development and related academic disciplines.
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Integral Leadership Review

Integral Leadership Review is a bridging publication that links authors and readers across cultures around the world. It serves leaders, professionals and academics engaged in the practice, development and theory of leadership. It bridges multiple perspectives by drawing on integral, transdisciplinary, complexity and developmental frameworks.

International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring

The aim of the journal is twofold:

  • to provide evidence-based, well-researched resources for students, professionals, corporate clients, managers and academic specialists who need to be at the forefront of developments in the field;
  • to offer an accessible yet powerful discussion platform for the growing number of coaching and mentoring practitioners seeking to validate their practice.

International Review of Business and Management Research

International Review of Management and Business Research (IRMBR) is an international open-access refereed indexed journal, published quarterly in March, June, September and December  in both online and print versions. It invites research papers on various research themes relevant to business and management. The journal is interested in publishing research papers that provide sound and clear theoretical insights with practical implications for the business and societal well being. As per the title of the journal, it calls for papers on any business or management topic that challenges the traditional wisdom of the readers.

 International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning

The International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning (IJMKL) aims to bring together the researchers and practitioners in business, education and other sectors to provide advanced knowledge in the areas of management, knowing and learning in organisations, education, business, social science, entrepreneurship, and innovation in businesses and others.
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Journal of Health and Medical Economics

The aim of this periodical is to provide latest information in the relevant area of research along with providing upgraded information on affordable strategies for better economic management related to medical issues. The broad area of the journal encompasses ways of availing better and cheaper health services, medical insurance and relevant discussions, health policies and medical expenditure planning, novel and latest technologies aiding medical economics, better and cheaper diagnostics methods, patient management and related economics, economical issues related hospital management, management of diseases especially those which cost a lot to the patient for medical management, mathematical or computational prediction or modelling related to health economics, analysis of the clinical trial data in association to medical economics.

Journal of Healthcare Communications

Journal of Healthcare Communications focus on topics related to Healthcare Online Services, Health Literacy, Malpractice Risk, Patient Safety, Diagnostic Accuracy, Healthcare Financing, Nursing, Healthcare Materials, Health Informatics, Healthcare Policies, Health Promotion.

Journal of Leadership Education

JOLE engages practitioners, professionals, and scholars who focus in the leadership education and development industry spanning education, training and development, and corporate education.  JOLE fosters a dialogues across these industries focused on learning process and the practice of leadership education.

Journal of Public Management & Social Policy

The Journal of Public Management and Social Policy, JPMSP publishes theoretical, applied, and/or discussion papers on public administration, political science, and public policy issues associated with the process of economic, educational, environmental, political, and social well-being of diverse populations.

Journal of the International Academy for Professional Development

The Journal of the International Academy for Professional Development accepts articles, conference papers, book reviews and letters on all aspects of professional development.
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Management : Journal of Contemporary Management Issues

The Journal deals with pressing problems, not only of general nature, but especially with those occurring in the countries in transition. In fact, it aims to cover functional issues, specific topics and general aspects of management related to all kinds of organizations – manufacturing and service companies, profit-making firms and non-profit organizations, private and public, as well as large and small enterprises.
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