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Standardised Inspection Tool

This tool is for used by Child and Family Agency Pre-School Inspectors in assessing compliance with the Child Care (Pre-School Services) Regulations 2006. The areas covered are provided to enable the Pre-School Inspectors to use their professional judgement in assessing compliance/non-compliance. The decision of the Inspector is based on an amalgamation of the information in each section and not on any one question. The weighting of the non-compliances in relation to each other is based on the nature of the non-compliance and not on the number of non-compliances. It is at the professional discretion of the Pre-School Inspector to assess whether prosecution is recommended. Some of the information collected on the tool is for statistical purposes.

  • Standardised Inspection Tool (currently under review)
  • Guidance Note (currently under review) used with the Standardised Inspection Tool and the Inspection Outcome Report. It is provided to give guidance on the completion of the Standardised Inspection Tool and the resulting Inspection Outcome Report.
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