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Early Years Inspectorate Update

Early Years Inspectorate Consultation

We would like to invite you to participate and give feedback via our on line survey on the Early Years Inspectorate Draft Quality and Regulatory Framework (QRF).

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2016 Regulations

The 2016 Regulations were published on 4/05/2016 by, the Minister for Children & Youth Affairs .To assist providers understanding of the new revised regulations Tusla undertook briefing sessions on the new regulations throughout the country at the end of May 2016.

The video presention from the briefing sessions can be accessed below.  The presentation is presented in 4 segments as follows:

Tusla Early Years Inspectorate 
Principles of inspection and service providers survey
Legislation and Regulation Changes 
Impact on new and existing services

The presentation from the briefing sessions can be accessed here.

Providers survey feedback can be accessed here. The purpose of the survey was to assist Tusla to improve and develop the early years inspectorate regulation framework based on the experiences of inspection from the perspective of the service provider. The survey questionnaires have informed Tusla of the perceived effectiveness of the current inspection process. This work has assisted Tusla in developing the new registration inspection framework. This framework will inform providers of what Tusla require in registering new services and re-registering existing services. 

Key Messages

  • For potential providers who wish to register a service with Tusla after June 30th, 2016 they will be subject to the requirements as stipulated on the registration form in the revised regulations and an initial registration inspection visit to the service before the service  is operational. Once Tusla is satisfied that the service meets all the requirement of the relevant regulations they will be entered on the register and issued a certificate of registration
  • The briefing sessions elaborated on the necessary changes to inspections over the second half of 2016 & into 2017 however Tusla are mindful that the changes will be introduced on a phased basis
  • Tusla are developing a question & answer document on all the queries & question received and will include all generated from the briefing sessions.

Publication of the Child Care Regulations (the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016)

The  Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, published the  Child Care Regulations (the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016)on the 4th May 2016. These Regulations  will come into effect on a phased basis from 30th June 2016. The new Regulations provide for pre-school services, that is, those services catering for children under the age of 6 who are not attending primary school. Click here for details. 

Garda Vetting

The National Garda vetting Bureau Act 2012 enacted from the end of April 2015 introduced a number of changes to Garda Vetting procedures which impact persons making application to the Garda vetting Bureau.

This document providers Information to provider’s in respect of the Early Years Inspectorate Garda vetting requirements for Early Years services in accordance with the National Garda vetting Bureau Act 2012 for Early Years Services.

Safety Alert - Cots 

Safety alert for all service providers and staff regarding  safety precautions required when checking cots. 

Early Years Inspectorate Consultative Forum

Early Years Inspectorate Consultative Forum was established in 2015 and provides an opportunity for relevant representatives and stakeholders to contribute to the on-going reform and development of the early years Inspectorate. The terms of reference of the forum, which are available here, include aims & objectives, roles & responsibilities and membership.

Development of the Inspectorate

As part of an on-going programme of reform and development, the Inspectorate is a National Early Years Inspectorate since January 27th 2015.

Working within Tusla’s Quality Assurance Directorate, the National Manager (Fiona McDonnell) leads four Inspection and Registration Managers who will manage inspection teams.  The inspection teams are divided into four areas, each with an Inspection and Registration Manager. Recruitment of additional Pre-School Inspectors across each region is currently underway.

Inspection and Registration Managers     Region ContactDetails 
Breda Cloney West 2nd Floor, St Mary's Headquarters, Castlebar, Co Mayo  094 9042515
Collette McGlynn Dublin Mid Leinster Brunel Building, Heuston South Quarter, Dublin 2 01 7718500
Deirdre Duffy Dublin North East Brunel Building, Heuston South Quarter, Dublin 2 01 7718500
Patrica Magner South 2nd Floor South East Wing, St Josephs Hospital, Mulgrave Street 061 461344

Focused Inspection

The Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 require the all early years services in Ireland are required to strive for full compliance across all early years regulations however it is accepted that at present there are areas that require greater focus and attention. Resulting from this, the Child and Family Agency introduced a revised model of Pre-School Inspection.  From 30th June 2016 the primary scope of early years inspection will be the areas identified as requiring improvement; Governance, Welfare and Safety. Information on research which informed this development can be accessed here. 

The inspection protocol and process remains unchanged and early years services can anticipate a concentration of focus on the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016.  The Inspection Tool and documentation can be downloaded here and all pre-school services are encouraged to review this documentation and evaluate their performance within these thematic areas.  


An Fee is payable by a preschool service towards the cost of Early Years Inspection. 

Fees payable on application and annually thereafter.

Please note that annual fee is not payable by an early years service in the year of application.

Full Day Care                                                 €80.00
Sessional  Care  €40.00 (less than 3.5 hours per day)
Child Minder                                                    €40.00
Drop In  €80.00
Temporary preschool service                            €80.00
Part Time Day Care                                       €80.00
Overnight service  €80.00

Note: Payment of annual fees for 2014 will not be required.

Types of Early Years Services:

Click here to determine the type of service provided.

Payment Method:

  1. Each provider will receive an email detailing the relevant fee and online payment details for their service.  
  2. Correspondence in respect of fee payment will come from the email address eyifees@tusla.ie
  3. Each service will be sent a payment link to make the electronic payment.  This will be unique to each service, stating the applicable fee. 
  4. Online payment is the only payment mechanism available and services are asked not to send cheques or other payments to local Tusla office; as these will not be accepted.  
  5. The email will include an  Early Years Inspectorate Identifier Number; this will be specific to your service and used in any future correspondence from the Early Years Inspectorate.  This number is a separate identifier, and should not be confused with your existing DCYA number.  The Early Years Inspectorate Identifier Number should be recorded and retained  in a safe place. 
  6. Ensure that the services spam filters permissions are set to allow mail from this address. eyifees@tusla.ie
  7. All queries, concerns and comments with respect to fee payment should be sent to this address. 
  8. Where you require a member of staff to telephone you, you may log a call by emailing your query to eyifees@tusla.ie and it will be responded to in due course.  Please note, it will not be possible to respond to direct calls received in relation to fees.

Waiver of Fees.

The Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 make no provision for exemption of fees for any servcie.

2016 Early Years Services Fees

We will be issuing the payment links for your 2016 Early Years Services Fees from Monday 24th October, 2016. All payment links will be distributed via email by Friday 28th October, 2016. If your service has not received the unique Worldpay payment link specific to your service by Friday 28th, please contact eyifees@tusla.ie quoting your Tusla reference number.

Please be advised that going forward the Worldpay system is the only payment option available. Tusla is unable to facilitate bank transfers, cheque or cash payments for the 2016 Annual Fee. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Fee collection will commence on Monday 24th October, 2016 and is due by close of business Friday 25th November, 2016.                

For your convenience, click here for a FAQ document which will assist you with the 2016 Annual Fee process and address any query you may have. Please consult the document before contact the Early Years Fee Team with any queries. If your query has not been answered by the FAQ, please contact us by email at eyifees@tusla.ie

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