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Consultation on the Draft Quality and Regulatory Framework (QRF)

Invitation to participate and give feedback via on line survey on Tusla Early Years Inspectorate Draft Quality and Regulatory Framework (QRF)

The role of the Early Years Inspectorate is to promote and monitor the quality, safety and appropriate care of children by robust inspection of the sector. In order to support service providers we have been engaged in a process to develop a Quality and Regulatory Framework that sets out the requirements for compliance under the 2016 Early Years Regulations.


In 2014,Tusla funded research into the quality of preschool services which included an analysis of over 3,000 inspection reports.  The findings from this research identified a need to develop and set out the thresholds of evidence required for compliance with each regulation. In addition, the early years sector requested detailed information and clarification from the Early Years Inspectorate on the areas to be inspected. Since then, the Inspectorate have engaged in a detailed and systematic process to identify evidence-based current best practices in regulating early years services Consequently, the QRF was initiated.

Preliminary consultation 

A preliminary consultation on the draft document took place from January to March 2017 with representative stakeholders and extensive feedback was received. Key issues arising related to:

  • How the document should be structured, and formatted.
  • The  required content and language
  • Policy guidance and templates to support services in meeting the requirements
  • Identification of a need for training and funding  supports
  • The need to have separate documents for different service types.

The QRF sets out the parameters under which the Early Years Inspectorate will assess services for compliance with the Regulations. Within the QRF the regulations are grouped together under 4 themes as follows: a) Governance; b) Health Welfare and Development of the Child c) Safety and d) Premises & Facilities. Within each section relevant regulations documented are accompanied by a detailed interpretation of the regulations setting out what is required for compliance. This requirement is informed by robust evidence including national and international research and best practice in Early Years’ Services. 

Draft QRF Documents

The Inspectorate have refined and developed the framework based on the feedback provided and are now presenting a separate QRF for the following service types:


Please give your views

The Early Year’s Inspectorate is now inviting all interested parties to give their feedback on this draft of the QRF.  The purpose of this consultation is

a) to provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to give their views
b) to understand any potential concerns or challenges emerging
c) to identify potential training and other needs arising.



Please ensure you read the relevant QRF before responding to each of the questions in this survey. 

Accessing the survey:

The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete


Data protection:

All data received will be anonymised.

Consultation period:

The questionnaire opens on Thursday 30th November and will close on Monday the 15th January 2018

Next steps
  • The findings from the survey will be analysed and will be reflected in the final QRF.
  • It is expected that the final QRF will be published in 2018.
  • Information & training will be scheduled on the published version of the QRF and any accompanying supporting documents such as policy guidance and templates.
  • At this time no set date has been agreed for implantation of the QRF. When a date is agreed for Implementation it will be advised well in advance to registered providers and stakeholders.
  • A significant lead in time will be given before the inspectorate will commence using the QRF for assessment of compliance.

Thank you for your feedback and assistance.


Link to survey: 


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