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Commissioning, in the context of the Child and Family Agency, is the process to ensure that the total resources available to children and families are applied to improving outcomes in the most efficient, effective, equitable, proportionate and sustainable way.

The Child and Family Agency is developing a Commissioning Strategy which will outline a framework to work towards establishing the Agency’s commissioning priorities and intentions for a 3 year period, based on needs analysis and review and taking into account all of the resources of the Agency, the statutory duties assigned under legislation and additionally what can be provided by partner agencies and statutory organisations to support the continuum of care at local and national level.

  All documents are available in MS Word format and can be downloaded through the links below.  

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Service Arrangement - Part 1

Service Arrangement - Part 2 - Schedules

Supplemental Service Agreement

Tusla FRC Programme Once-Off -Exceptional Small Funding 

Funding has been allocated to the FRC Programme in 2017 for the payment of Exceptional Once‑Off‑ Small Funds to Projects currently in the Programme to assist with the Upgrade of Equipment and Small Works.

This funding has been granted from the Dept. of Children and Youth Affairs. It will be administrated by the Commissioning Unit of Tusla.

It is very important that the grant is recorded separately in your Audited Accounts for 2017. It should not form part of the Segmented Sheet as this sheet is for Core Funding only which is granted to you from The Commissioning Unit of Tusla.

Applications are now invited for Funding as follows:       

Grants for Upgrade of Equipment and Small Works

What does this cover?

Grants towards the Upgrade of Equipment eg: Computers, Computer Equipment, Hardware, Software, Furniture, Kitchen Equipment and Small Works.

Level of funding available

These grants can vary from the costs involved in the purchase of a Personal Computer to new Flooring. Projects are advised that, limited funding is available and that the full amount of funding sought cannot be guaranteed so not all applications can be met.  Applications will be assessed and recommendations on funding made within the limits of the available resources.

  • Detailed Invoices for  purchase and/or Small Works
  • Quotations/Estimates/Tenders from selected Contractors (minimum three) in line with the National Procurement Policy
  • Evidence of Property Ownership or Long Term Lease
  • Confirmation that the selected Contractor is registered for Tax Purposes. The Contractor must have a Tax Clearance Certificate from the Revenue Commissioner in his own name.
Conditions of Payment
  • All Works must be completed and allocated Funding spent in full by the end of  December 2017
  • Under no Circumstances can funding be held in Bank Accounts beyond 31st December 2017
  • Please note that the full amount of Funding sought cannot be guaranteed.
  • Returns for Funding allocated will be required by 31st January 2018 including all receipts.
  • Confirmation is required that the invoices have not and will not be used in support of another claim for re-imbursement from another funder.
Closing Date:

Closing date for Applications is Thursday 9th November 2017 at 5.00pm.

Applications will be considered on Receipt of Application and is subject to the availability of Funds.

Late Applications will not be considered.

Any queries arising please contact the following Phone Numbers 01-7718689 or 01-7718680

Application Form

Click here for application form.   Completed application forms should be forwarded to:

Imelda Martin and Siobhan Kennedy
Tusla - Child and Family Agency
Floors 2-5, Brunel Building,
Heuston South Quarter,
​Dublin 8, 

Application for Entry into the Tusla FRC Programme 2018

Funding of 1.76m has been allocated to the Family Resource Programme 2018 for the development of 11 new Family Resource Centres. This funding has been granted from the Dept. of Children and Youth Affairs. It will be administrated by the Commissioning Unit of Tusla.

If you wish to apply to the programme, download your application form here. Applications will be considered on receipt of application and is subject to the availability of funds.  A copy of the Tusla Good Governance Framework is available here

Please submit you completed application forms to Eifion.Williams@hse.ie.

Closing date for receipt of applications: 20th December 2017.

Any queries arising please email Eifion.Williams@hse.ie.

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