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What are the parent’s rights?

If you are the parent of a child being assessed you should be told why and you should be afforded the opportunity to respond. Concerns about your children should be explained to you. The Child and Family Agency’s duty, role and powers should also be explained.

The child and parent’s legal rights should be explained. Parents’ views should be sought in order to ensure the child’s welfare. You will be expected to co-operate and seek clarification about recommendations that the Child and Family Agency makes about your children. If your family situation needs to change as a result of the assessment, you should be told about how those changes are in the best interests of your child.

Parents have a right to reply to any concerns put to them by assessing Child and Family Agency staff. You have a right to have your views noted/recorded at a child protection conference. A child protection conference is a meeting to discuss and plan for the child’s protection and welfare. You have a right to seek legal advice. You have a right to challenge any application for supervision, interim or care orders made to the courts by the Child and Family Agency for your child. You have a right to appeal any care order made for your child. You have a right to request information in writing.

If no concerns are found you should ask the social worker to go back to each of the agencies they have contacted to let them know the result of the investigation.

For more information see our information leaflet - Social Work Assessment of Child Protection and Welfare Concerns - Information for Parents

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